Are you looking for a reliable tech to look after your guitar equipment (mods, service, setup, repairs of amplifiers, pedals, guitars, etc.)? Are the pots in your amp scratchy? Does your amplifier need a new set of valves? Is a switch in your favourite stomp box not working?
Have you changed strings recently? Is your guitar out of tune - need an intonation set up? We can help you.

We also do modifications (extra FX loops, changing FX loops from parallel to serial, tone controls, extra switches, pedals, etc.). We are very experienced in guitar amplifiers repair, design and customisation and I am fully qualified with a BSc in Electronics.

We are passionate about gear and will always offer you whatever solution we think is best for your needs, regardless of whether or not it brings us work!

We offer expertise, excellent service, quick turn-around, and all at reasonable prices.

Please don't hesitate to contact me for help - or if you wish, just come down to my workshop today. We'll always help and advise. We take every single enquiry and repair seriously. Your satisfaction is guaranteed (read customers' testimonials).

Are you in a band? An owner of a rehearsals / recording studio or a music club? Are you looking for a reliable tech guy to look after your equipment? Contact us now!

An estimate is always free so bring your equipment in for a diagnosis. We look forward to hearing from you.

Regular customer always get 10% off on labour costs over £50. We are pleased to inform that we are an authorised warranty and non-warranty repair centre for Aguilar, Carvin Guitars & Pro Sound, HBE (HomeBrew Electronics) pedals and a fitter for Fernandes Sustainer kits. We are also agents for Mojo Pickups, Bare Knuckle Pickups, WD Music and AllParts UK.
We stock spares for all popular makes of guitar equipment. Also fit original Fender, Marshall, Mesa, Boss, Roland and Ashdown spares.

We accept cash, all major UK debit / credit cards (Visa, Maestro, Mastercard, etc.) as bank transfer and PayPal.

Our services include:

Guitar and bass amplifier repairs:

  • general check-up / servicing,
  • valve / solid state amps repair,
  • valve / tube replace (re-valve), re-biasing,
  • filter electrolytic or all caps replace (cap job),
  • mains voltage conversion (110V to 240V, etc.),
  • modding (FX loop fitting, channels switching, footswitch fitting, tone stack mods, custom mods, extra features),
  • cleaning or replacing dirty pots and jack sockets,
  • transformers replacement (mains, output, choke, reverb),
  • vintage amps restoration,


Pedal and stomp box repairs:

  • general repairs,
  • true bypass mods,
  • DC power jack fitting,
  • caps replace,
  • footswitch replace,
  • custom modding,


Pedalboards and rack systems:

  • assembly,
  • modifications,
  • troubleshooting,
  • custom cables,
  • complete built,


Electric guitar, bass guitar and acoustic / classical repairs, setup, modifications:

  • re-string
  • setup, action and intonation adjustment,
  • truss rod (neck relief) adjustment,
  • top nut re-cutting
  • bridge balance adjustment (for standard tremolo and Floyd Rose),
  • cleaning or replacing pots,
  • replacing pick-ups (including active EMG pickups), jackplates, etc.
  • noisy or crackling jack outputs replace,
  • custom modding (extra pots, switches, coil tap modding, kill switch, phase switch, etc.)
  • re-wiring, re-soldering,
  • cavity and pickups shielding (screening), hum reduction,
  • pickups cavity routing,
  • fitting tremolo bridges (including Bigsby and Floyd Rose),
  • fret levelling (fret dress).


Speaker cabinets repairs and modding:

  • custom modifications,
  • speakers replace,
  • wiring repairs
  • various configurations (4, 8, 16 ohms or any required),
  • mono / stereo wiring,
  • custom re-wiring,
  • wheels / castors fitting,
  • handles (inc. recessed) fitting.


Other equipment repairs:

  • keyboards repairs,
  • mixing desk repairs,
  • rack equipment repair.

Contact us now to discuss your technical problem!