Stratocaster shieldingVery often we get enquiries from customers about hum issues in their guitar rig. Sometimes it's problem with their amps or pedals / pedalboards (especially with powering the pedals). However in most cases the hum comes from a guitar. Usually a dirty power in some venues, light dimmers (either stage ones or those use at home), laptops / desktop computers or their switching mode power supplies make it even worse.

Now we'll tell you how to find out if it's your guitar humming or something else in your setup. It's very simple. Connect the guitars, pedals and the amp as you normally do. Set the levels to usuall volume you play with. I'm sure you get some hum, hiss, etc. Now turn the volume control down to zero. Is the hum gone? If so then it comes from you guitar. If it's still there - it comes from the rest of your rig. If it's partially gone then part of it comes from the guitar and part of it from the rest of your guitar setup. Easy, isn't?

Obviously single coil pickups will be much more noisy than humbuckers. It's worth mentioning that P90s, Jazzmaster and similar pickups are pretty much an over-wound single coil pickups and will be also pretty noisy.



Dear our all customers. Please note that we are open as usual until Friday the 23rd of December, then closed for Christmas and New Year holidays. Back on Tuesday the 3rd of January 2017.


For emergency repairs please drop your quipment off by early next week the latest please.


We wish you all very merry Christmas, happy and properous New 2017 Year, lots of new guitar toys for big boys (and girls) on Boxing Day. Hopefully your equipment will break less in 2017. Have you all fantastic time! See you again in 2017!


- Guitar Aid team










20161023 112232Last Sunday, October the 23rd Guitar Aid London team visited Kempton Park exhibition hall to check what's going on in the guitar industry. Please check our review below.


The South of England Guitar Show (by the same organizers as Birmingham's Guitar Show in February) was a first time here in South England. We were impressed by the amount of exhibitors and public on the show. It was actually a bit crowdy and packed in some places, which made it difficult to move to other stands. Also the fact the exhibitors had tables, not a proper booths didn't help for testing guitars or amps as the wholeplace became pretty nosiy. The good thing about it was that anything which was on a display was also for sale.

There were a quite few private vintage second hand guitar equipment exhibitors including Derek from Watford Valves. All their collections were really impressive.


It was great to see a few luthiers with their handmade great looking and sounding instruments. It's probably worth mentioning Stone Wolf Guitars, Druzkowski Guitars (both North England), James Collins Guitars from East Sussex, Crimson Guitars from Dorset (with their range of guitar, but also tools and guitar courses), Hathaway Guitars from Teddington with their selection of carbon fibre instruments as well as two Dutch luthiers - Panucci Custom Guitars and DeHaan Guitars. There was probably a few more.


old guitaraid

Time for changes. Virtual changes in this case....


After years (literally, it was 9 years - time flies!) of serving well our old Guitar Aid London website is retired now. It was good, functional, pretty fast. It really helped us to grow the business. We hope you found there all the info you were looking for.


For last few weeks we were working hard to make the new website and make the transition smooth. So here we are. Our new website is up and running. We hope that it's at least as clear and easy to navigate as the old one. It's also mobile friendly which some of you probably noticed already. We are still working on it and hopefully soon you'll find here some interesting articles about a technical side of a various guitar gear.