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Amazing! Really honest trustworthy advice from Greg and more importantly, he listens! Every other repair shop I visited diagnosed the problem/solution in seconds, without even taking my opinion and suggestions into account.
Very quick, reliable turn-around time and very reasonable rates! My jazz bass is playing much better now.
I'll be recommending Guitar Aid to friends and colleagues and will certainly be using their services again!
Thank you!

Toby Barnett (bassist for Shake Shake Go)

Hi Greg
Just a quick note to thank you for your work on my Burman amp and pre. It is very different now! It's 'only' a 100W amp but is easily as loud as my Carvin B2000 bass amp. I can hardly believe it. And the sound is superb - loud and very clean but with lots of weight, heft and harmonic content.
It's really got the 'all-valve bounce', which is what I was looking for. :) Thanks again Greg, great job.

Mark, South London

Hey G. Just wanna say a huge thank you for making my Prestige Ibanez play and sound better than ever. Great job man, it feels fantastic. Great work as always.

Anthony, East London

Hi - prompt service with good communication, and a surprisingly low price. My bass needed a new jack socket and the battery lead re-soldering, with a gig on Friday. I phoned and Greg warned me he was on holiday on Monday and Tuesday. I dropped off the bass on Monday, and it was ready to collect by Thursday noon.

Jon, Oxford





Hi Greg. Got the pedal today. Thanks very much looks and sounds great. Is it my imagination or have you also managed to get the volume down?
Thanks again.


Orange head fixed just in time for tomorrow's show at Borderline. Guitar Aid, Putney did a great job. Now to long it back on the train ;-(

Andrew G.

Pedal arrived safe and sound, thanks.
Now works perfectly - you're a star!! Thanks again for an excellent service.

Philip, Derbyshire

Greg has done some fantastic work on my 68 Gretsch Blackhawk. He's really brought it back from the grave. He also modded some pedals for me which have all worked fantastically throughout a big tour. Great craftsman and a great guy to go with it. Thanks Greg! x

David, SE London

Hi Greg. Just to let you know that I am really pleased with the DS1 fix. Makes life much, much easier! Thank you.

John, Bournemouth

Thanks for the great job on rewiring my Les Pauls Greg... (and the rest!) they now look and sound fantastic... like new guitars!


Just used Greg for the first time to fix a load of half-dead pedals. Good guy and good prices. I will be back. Repeatedly.


Greg combines his unrivalled expertise with great rates and an unbelievable service. Would recommend to anybody in need of guitar aid!


I am very glad I took my guitar to be repaired at Guitar Aid. Greg was very polite and an honest technician. My guitar needed a lot more doing to it than what I asked for. And he did what I asked him to do, and did a great job of it too, (Re-wiring and modding) my Stratocaster© Clone in quick time with no delays. And the price of the job was very honest and good value.


I thought I had to replace my amp because it was faulty. After discovery GuitarAid, I decided to try to repair it. Not only Greg did an amazing job in repairing the amp with a more than a reasonable price, He also modded it and now my amp is back to life with an amazing and more aggressive tone.


If like me you are reading these testimonials to see whether Guitar Aid is the service for you. I can say a resounding YES! I did exactly the same a few days ago, entrusted my guitar to Greg who is a joy to do business with, he knows his craft and was very helpful in setting up my guitar with the humidity of Asia in mind. He is a really nice guy as well. You need a guitar technician for a set up or something else? Greg is your man. Thanks Greg, Cheers!


Greg has modded some pedals for me in the past and done a flawless job. Some mods tend to disfigure pedals, but these are discreet and the ergonomics are superb. It would take a lot for me to take my beloved gear elsewhere!


Greg is a legend! He helped me (a bit of an electronics noob) completely rewire the 5-way switch and install a replacement pickup and preamp into a Musicman Sterling. He spent his own time drawing me diagrams and went well beyond the call of duty! Also, he did a fantastic job of the fret stone on my Sadowsky and got rid of some pesky fret buzz. Thanks Greg!

David, NE London

Just got my Fender Blues Deluxe back from Greg at Guitar Aid. Brilliant job (he swapped the crappy stock Fender/Eminence speaker out for a Jensen C12N & changed the 6L6's for JJ 6V6s). Amp looks immaculate now too. He even cleaned up the control panel. Top geezer, great work :-)


Sorry about a late text, but you are a star man!! The pedal (modded Boss OS-2) sounds amazing and did a killer job in my session. Thank U!




A brilliant job shielding and setting-up my Telecaster. It now plays as smooth as butter. You are a true talent. Shine on.

Guy, London

Hi Greg,
Just a short note to let you know that the pedal (Boss PS-5) has arrived back with me safe and sound, and to thank you for your excellent and invaluable service.

Anthony, Worcestershire

Hi Greg,
Just a quick email to say many thanks for servicing the Marshall (JCM800 Lead Series) - I used it at our rehearsal yesterday and it sounds fantastic!

Stephen, SW London

Hi Greg,
I got the Electro-Harmonix EchoFlanger back on Saturday, but only had the chance to have a real play around with it yesterday.
Having been told that even Electro-Harmonix could not repair it, I'm absolutely delighted that you got it working properly again. I've been enjoying making some great, odd sounds! You have done a brilliant job. Thank you so much. Needless to say, I'll be happy to go back to you with any future work and recommend you to others.

John, Bournemouth

Thanks Greg,
It works very well (LP Special). Not noisy. I'm pleased.
Kind regards,


Hi there Greg,
A message of thanks for doing such a quick and thorough job of fixing my two Sansamp Classic pedals. Our backline tech, brought them down. He was also very impressed!
Hope all's well.
Many thanks.

Jonathan (Archive)

Greg, Fender Jazz now sounding and playing wonderfully, many thanks.


Hello Greg,
Picked up the Boss Pitchshifter from the Post Office yesterday - works perfectly & sounds great.
Many thanks for your efforts!


Hi Greg
Pedal arrived safely this week. Hooked it up to my pedal board (with the write voltage this time) and its all working fine.
Thanks again for sorting that out for me, I won't hesitate to get in contact next time I fry something else.

Ryan, Herts

Hi Greg,
Just a line to say thanks for the great work you did getting my 1970's vintage pedals working again (MXR Envelope Filter & Dyna Comp - also 80's TC Electronics Phaser).
The Phaser spent time back at TC Electronics and they couldn't fix it and the other pedals had been to a series of techs with no joy (old technology and parts not available were the general theme). You fixed the lot and at a very reasonable price....thanks a mill for the great work.

Mel Dean, Manchester

Very pleased with the work you carried out on my Strat and Stagemaster.
I would recommend Greg as someone who will listen to your requirements but not try to sell you something you don't need. It was good to go to Greg and chat with him and get the pros and cons of any changes to my guitars.
Many Thanks

Dan, Harrow

Hi Greg,
You fixed my Mesa Boogie Studio 22+. I just wanted to say that the amp is now sounding great. Thanks. Regards.


Thanks, Greg. Both Cornell and Laney amps now sounding great. A pleasure to do business with you.

Richard, East Sussex wrote:

My Q-Tron had died a little and was almost totally unreliable. I bandied it about a bit to different friends, colleagues and techs, who were a bit perplexed by the situation, told me to send it back to EHX in New York, or buy a new one.
I gave it to Greg and he fixed it up sharpish for about 16 quid. I was well happy. What a good bloke!

Wilson, Tottenham

Hi Greg, Just wanted to let you know that everything is great with them amp (vintage Fender Champ) thank you. It's sounding better than I have ever heard it before to be honest haha. Really appreciate you sorting it out. Many thanks!

Tim, Kent

Hi. Just to let you know Tele and H&K amp now sounding fantastic together. Thanks you for all your efforts. Very impressed.

Simon, Hertford

My Marshall head and Cry Baby live again! I'm sure the work wasn't terribly taxing for Greg, but what really impressed me was how happy he was to answer the many, many questions I threw at him. So rare to get that kind of service nowadays.
He's my go-to guy for all my amp and pedal repairs from now on, and I recommend him unreservedly.

Ed, London

I am an experienced guitarist and have played in numerous bands so I have had to have my guitars and equipment repaired on numerous occasions. Sadly, my experience of luthiers/repairmen has been very negative ranging from arrogance/pomposity and downright bad manners to suspected dishonesty and incompetence. I had had enough of giving my hard-earned cash to people such as these and made the effort to find someone GOOD and REASONABLY PRICED.
My search ended with GREG and GUITARAID. Greg and his colleagues are polite, the customer service is second to none and after a few days in the care of GUITARAID my guitars sound FANTASTIC! Also, in my experience, Greg is the first person TO REALLY KNOW HOW TO SET UP A 12-STRING RICKENBACKER!!
Thanks again Greg and GuitarAid. You will be seeing me again very soon!!

Howard H.

Hey Greg, thanks for the great job on the Epiphone Dot 335. Finally plays like a real guitar after the setup you did. See you soon.




Just wanted to say a massive thanks for sorting out my Strat electronics last week. Working really well.

Leon, South London

Dear Greg,
Thanks for the work on my Peavey Delta Blues - what an improvement! I don't know what you've done to the Mid EQ but it actually sounds musical now and that horrible spikiness has gone. It sounds a bit like an old Fender now, with a lovely top end shimmer - lovely.
And the overdrive even sounds OK, which is an achievement in itself.
Thanks again - brilliant job.

Adrian, South London

F**king amazing Mod mate, you are an amp genius!!! These valves sound twice as good as the russian Harma Cryos. Hopefully they'll last a while if you've biased them slightly cold...
Thank you so much, will be in touch about a guitar that needs a bit of work!!

Dave, SE London

Greg "All round good Geezer"

Bill M.

The man who has saved my amp thrice and my axe more times than I can remember. Cannot recommend enough!

Nick H.

You do great work with a no nonsense approach and smooth service - keep it up!

The Delerium Trees

Dude - the PRS is sweet with new pickups (Bare Knukles) - and the setup really makes a difference.

Steve S., London

Greg, the Tele is amazing, you are a genius! Seriously, it's now my favourite guitar even tough I've not played in in years. Best £85 I've spent in a long time! . When I have some spare cash I'll be back with the Strat.

Henry, South East London

Had the transformer in my Mesa Triple Rectifier swapped out from a US voltage to UK, not gonna lie, for a short while after wards when setting up on stage i was worried about that red light not turning on!
5/6 months later and it runs amazingly, I've played a lot of shows since its change over and it hasn't let me down once.
I recommend Greg and Guitar Aid to a lot of people and I will definitely go back should I have any equipment problems.
Thanks again Greg!

Andi Scott Shaw, Peterborough

Thanks for a great job with the pickup change and setup on my Cyclone. The guitar feels and sounds great!!! I'll definitely be back and will recommend you to my guitarist friends.

George, London

Hi Greg, just a quick thank you for expertly resurrecting my knackered MXR M80 Bass DI. Great work, fast and very reasonable.

Cammie, Aberdeenshire

I took an Ibanez Jem to Greg for a set-up/service and new strings. I'd bought it on eBay. When it arrived the neck was really grimy, wrong strings. Greg did all this for me and it plays like new.
I can't recommend him enough, very reasonable prices, and a real nice guy too, won't go anywhere else.

Terry Giles, Surrey

Thanks for doing such a fantastic job on the Epiphone Gold Top for me. Cheers!

Deptford John

The amp (Marshall JMP 2203) sounds great. Really punchy with the 6550's. My ears are ringing after rehearsal!! Will test the loop out tomorrow.
Cheers Greg.

Jason, Croydon

Hi mate. You did a great job on my Strat. It's better than I hoped it would be! Thanks Greg!


Thanks for the work on my Strat last week - it plays (and sounds) like a dream!


Just a quick thank you for the work you did on the Metropolitan amp and on my Strat. The Strat is a joy to play now! Thank you. I will bring it back to you at some point in the future to replace the bridge.


Greg should be your first call if you need any guitar or amp work done. Top quality. Greg sorted the buzzing in my Tele and noise in my Champ with minimum fuss and maximum efficiency. Costs are extremely reasonable too. To top it off he's a nice guy.

Clive, London, E11

Thanks Greg, for an excellent clean & setup of my vintage Peavey T-40. It plays like a dream.

John (Scars), London

My Ampeg SVT-200T had lost a lot of power after a period of storage. It was not a straightforward fix but Greg sorted the problem without any change to the agreed price. A genuine chap that takes pride in his work and obviously values his reputation. Will happily go to again and recommend. Amp now once again very loud.

Dave Gobey, Hertfordshire

Hi Greg and just to let you know that the Vibro King is sounding great so thanks for the fine job you did on her!
Take care and I will definitely recommend you to anyone I hear needs their gear sorted!

Harry, Oxfordshire

I have used Greg on a few occasions in the past few months for both guitar and amp work and have found him excellent, reliable and very reasonably price. He is always a pleasure to do business with and I would wholeheartedly recommend him to any London based musician fed up with central London attitude & prices.
Colin Newman, London



Hi Greg, just a line to say thanks for the good service. I put the power amp through its paces at a rehearsal last week with no problems and it sounds great, so it was certainly worth while having it serviced & re-valved. I have one or two other items of equipment which will need servicing and I'll get in touch with you in due course.
Richard, Kent

Hi Greg, the amp sounds awesome! many thanks for all your help!
Kelvin, Dorset

Really happy with the Hi Cut mod you performed on my Boss DD-3 a few months back - very impressed.
Dale, SE London

Hi, just wanted to say thanks so much for the work you did on my guitars, look and sound great! See you again soon.

Greg, thanks so much for looking after all our equipment, guitars, amps, pedals; it was really appreciated and a pleasure meeting you.
Rob Smith, Jacqui Ham (Dial)

Hi Greg,
Just wanted to say a big thanks for doing the Bassman.
A beautiful job with the recovering restoration.. . Using Hardwire Digital Reverb and Hardwire Overdrive pedals...both true bypass... The sound is as good as it gets with a strat!
Kieran, West Sussex

The mods Greg made to my Blues Junior have honestly revolutionised its sound quality, transforming it from not a bad sounding valve amp into a genuine case of the Giant-Slayer-From-Putney! Greg has been involved in numerous guitar projects of mine and has consistently been helpful, customer focused and reliable in the work he undertakes. Bravo, techno maestro ... and many thanks.
Jonathan L., Putney

At final rehearsal, the night before the Putney Town Rowing Club band was to perform at the club's annual dinner dance, my 20+yr old Trace Elliot 4X10 combo bass amp got a dose of dry joints. Disaster! Found Greg on Google next day and more in hope than expectation called to see if a repair was possible on a Saturday. The rest is history. Greg thank you. You and your tech saved the day literally! Amp delivered faultlessly that same evening and well into the early hours of Sunday.
Simon, Kew

Greg has worked on my Jackson SL3 guitar a few times now, and I have nothing but praise for his work. The setups are detailed and very professional.
He has made my guitar far better to play and has provided excellent advice on other guitar related issues.
Adam, Uxbridge

Thanks for guitar set up and shielding work =) ..my guitar sounds great now .. Very happy with it.
Darren, London

Hi Greg,
Just got home to test out the pick up change and fret dress you did on my Gibson Les Paul copy and it's great!Lovely sound and most of that fret buzz has gone as well. Thanks for a great set up and service!Will recommend you to anyone who needs some work done.
Andrew, London



Greg is simply a brilliant technician..a genius.
He has performed some really great custom modifications/improvements on my gear including a footswitchable coil tap on a Gibson Les Paul, various true-bypass mods on stompboxes that normally suck tone, and the removal of parasitic oscillations in a 1970 Marshall head. He has also installed a footswitchable true bypass preamp selector in the Marshall that can switch between the amp's internal preamp and any other external preamp with no tone loss.
No matter how unusual the mods you require, Greg provides a friendly, professional, affordable service.
Luca, London

Hi Greg. Just to say thanks very much for servicing my amp. Used it today and it sounded brilliant. Very happy customer!
Adam, Oxford

Thanks, the amp is roaring again.
Tony, London

I cannot praise highly enough the quality of the work completed on my 1966 Fender Vibrolux, the amp sounds fantastic.
Thanks Greg for the help, advice and the superb work completed - well worth the journey.
Phil, Wiltshire

Hi Greg, just wanted to say a big thank you for the absolutely fantastic job you did on my Strat!! The set-up was spot-on & the guitar is so playable. My fingers are hurting from playing all weekend!
I will definitely be back for more repairs on my other guitars soon.
Once again, many thanks Greg!

Greg, I've finally had a good chance to have a play with the Blues Junior. It sounds fantastic! The presence control and clean boost is a great addition and you would never know it was after-market you did such a good job.
You have a made a great little amp a lot better. I had the chance to play with some friends one of which has a stock blues junior and he couldn't believe how much nicer mine sounded. I have recommended your services to him.
One very happy customer. Thank you again for the correspondence and your enquiries leading up to me bringing the amp up to you.
Simon, London

Greg has not only got some of my vintage amps up to peak performance, or better, but has now sorted out electrical and structural problems on some of my guitars that have transformed them from 'spares' into front line gigging instruments. And he's always there when you need him. With valve amps galore and lots of 'old planks' I'm not sure how I'd manage without him.
Simon Burrett, Blue Bishops

If there is anyone out there owning a Fender Telecaster '72 Mexican Reissue I strongly urge you to upgrade the pots, this guitar sings now. The shielding has also made a big difference. Greg gave me a great price and worked quickly so I got the guitar back within the quickest possible time. He's a cool guy.
Andy, Watford

Greg is a skilled, friendly and reliable guitar technician. Costs are very fair and his advice is sound - what more could you ask for?
Cad (bass) and myself (guitar) were very pleased with the work he carried out on our gear, and will definitely use him again in the future.
Dave and Cad - Bard, in Bucks

I had dream, to get a SG guitar with p-90 pickups. Now my dream is done, Greg take my Epiphone SG and he made a custom new scratch plate and install a Gibson p-90 pickups, and now my guitar sound awesome.
I recommend Greg to everybody, he is a really nice guy, he works beautifully and the prices are really reasonable and the best thing he is a really honest person.
Thanks Greg. I will continue working with you.
Felip Vilella, London

I had just bought a new Washburn off Ebay, and the previous owner had not taken care of it well. It was badly strung, the fretboard was coming off of the neck, and one of the pickups wasn't working. I looked around for guitar techs, and Greg was the best. The prices were incredible, and I even had him add in a killswitch. The guitar was set up perfectly with heavy strings, and it plays like a dream. The pickups work perfect, and the killswitch is a lot of fun.
I'll definitely be coming back for more guitar stuff, and probably amp and pedal work as well. Thanks Greg.
John, South Kensington

Once again - a great job. Not only is the Selmer you restored before I bought it outshining my other 14/15??? amps for stagework and proving rugged and reliable [as opposed to my modern boutique stuff] but the repair to the weird Vantage guitar now puts it among my top players. The Selmer Thinderbird Twin also sounds amazing now, by the way, so there's a queue of amps and guitars forming here. Great stuff. Recommending you to everyone.
Simon Burrett, Blue Bishops, UK

Thanks again for fixing and servicing my Fender Blues Deluxe amplifier (which had been out of action for years due to a range of faults) - it sounds fantastic and is now as good as new, if not better! I will recommend you highly!
Stephen, London SW15



Greg carried out some really nifty modifications on my Valve Junior amp. Now it really sparkles! He did the work at a great price and was finished a good 2/3 days earlier than he'd suggested (which was quick anyway!). I am thinking about taking in my guitar for some work now. No reason to go to anybody else!
Nick, London

Greg is the man!! I've taking several of my heads to him for re-valving and biasing and he's done them to exactly how I like it, they sound awesome!! I highly recommend Greg to everyone, very professional and a real cool guy... Cheers!!
James, Battersea

My Marshall 1987X reissue was totally unusable due to over sensitive volume control - Greg's installation of a master volume has transformed this into a great amp at all volumes, from clean to breakup, and the amp panel looks untouched... I will certainly be using Greg in future for any work on my amps and guitars...
Thanks for a fast and very reasonable priced end to my troubles!
Tony Wicks, Portsmouth

After trying many many guitar technicians, luthiers, anyone who was involved in guitars, I finally found Greg. My job was not an easy one, to take the touch screen out of a Kaoss Pad 2 unit and have it put into my guitar. He did the job perfectly, he was great to deal with, involved and passionate and there is no one else I would pick over greg to work on my instruments.
Shane, Herts

I found Guitar Aid through Google. Spoke to and met Greg who could not have been more helpful and friendly. He repaired my never serviced and now faulty GK acoustic amp that I vitally needed for the weekend. On the basis of the efficient and prompt service I gave him my Telecaster and another amp to service and will be using him for as long as he's around in the future.
Only trouble is that when everyone finds out about Greg he will perhaps not be so able to accommodate an emergency so book your services in advance where possible.
Richard O'Conor, Acton

When my JCM600 died a couple of days before a gig, Greg made a plan and sorted the problem out for with a super fast turnaround. I have since taken my Strat to him for a setup and am most pleased with the results. I have no hesitation in recommending Guitar Aid to my friends.
Great service. Great guy.
Greg has re-valved my JCM600 and setup my strat for me and done fantastic job on both.
Justin, Putney

Greg set up my Gibson Flying V. Now sounds beautiful, the action is lower and no fret buzz at all, great price, and honest person. Thank you so much, soon I will bring you another of my guitars to do a complete set up.
Felip Vilella, London

I have nothing but good things to say about Greg and his work. A top guy and first class service. He fixed my Peavey 5150 MKII perfectly and quickly and now it sounds better than it ever has. I also recommended him to a friend who had a H&K transistor amp which needed fixing as no sound would come out and Greg worked his magic on it and that sounds great now too. For anyone who needs their gear to work I say check him out.
Steve Le V, Herne Hill

Greg has done a great job fixing up my early 70s Dan Armstrong 'sliding pickup' bass, which had been neglected for ten years.
He replaced the pickup, sorted the electrics, and has set the bass up beautifully. It plays like a dream.
Thanks, Greg.
Graham, Southfields

Greg did a very fine job of overhauling my 1977 Traynor valve amp and has recently done some servicing on two of my vintage Vox guitars. I'm very happy with the work, the price is good and on top of it all he is a really nice guy. What more is there to say!
John, Woolwich

I've got a long list of equipment that has been brilliantly fixed by Greg in the last year. Tube amps, pedals, guitars, tape echoes, mods....he can do it all!
Our no.1 guitar tech in London.

Greg is a wizard. He's completely overhauled much of my gear from rewiring guitars to re-tubing amps. In every instance the work has been peerless and his customer service second to none.
I couldn't recommend him more highly. I certainly won't be looking elsewhere for a guitar tech.
Cheers Greg
Andre, Putney

Fantastic job installing a Floyd Rose tremolo on my Dean Flying V. Feels and sounds amazing. Also repaired some wiring (neck pickup works again) and sorted out fret buzz for a much lower price than was offered anywhere else. Responded very quickly to all concerns, first class customer service.
Once you've put in a coil tap, I'll have my dream guitar!
Harry, London

Recommended by a friend, my Hughes&Kettner was repaired promptly and cheaply. Greg's manner was friendly and helpful. He even included the old components which allowed me to have an idea of what went wrong in the first place!
The one criticism I would have is that Greg doesn't mention his name in the 'who I am' page on this site...

Thanks for the service! Highly recommended!
Nathan, London

Greg fixed the pots, switches and some valves on my Marshall Valvestate 80W. It was a great job, the amp is like new again.
It was finished earlier than predicted and at a VERY good price.
Greg is a friendly helpful guy and has great taste in music - Fugazi was playing when I arrived.
I would recommend Greg and Guitar Aid to anyone.

Michael, London

Greg has done an amp re-valve, guitar re-wire and some routing on a Warmoth Thinline body. He has come up trumps every time. His standard of work and his approach to you as a customer is faultless and I trust him more and more with every job he does for me.
Steve H., South London

Greg is a technical genius..the best tech in town.
The repair on my Boss ME-8 Multi FX, which is known to have a power glitch due to a design flaw, was perfect.The replacement transformer for the Digitech IPS 33b also worked brilliantly.
I highly recommend Greg to everyone. No matter if it's fx units, crazy amplifier modifications or just general equipment repairs, he will deliver a professional, affordable, high quality solution. Thanks a lot Greg!
Luca, London

Excellent service and great value. Thanks for saving my Carvin Legacy, it sounds great!
Satch, London

Greg did a fantastic job fixing a noisy, microphonic, water damaged AC-30. He carefully explained exactly what he had done in detail and charged a very reasonable price. I've had a lot of experience getting gear fixed at places all over London and no one comes close to the standard of repair and customer service that Greg provides. Highly Recommended.
Guy Stead, London

Brilliant repair job, swift, reasonably priced, no catches. My much-missed gear is now back in pride of place.

Greg, you did a great job on my Fender Pro Reverb! I asked you to lose the noise and you did. So often amp technicians are either inaccessible (via a music shop) or worse do not listen to a customer. Greg, your conscientious service is fantastic and much appreciated. Initially, I came to you because of the testimonials on your website. Now I would like to add to them myself. I would highly recommend you to other musicians. I will definitely be bringing more of my equipment to you in the next year.
Daniel, Hampshire

Did a great job on my old Tube Screamer and Boss Delay pedals and set up my Gretsch Nashville perfectly. Fast, friendly and great value service. It's nice to know there's someone I can trust my gear with.

Mike, New Malden

Greg did a great job repairing my brand new yet faulty Fender American Jazz Deluxe bass, at very short notice... I'll be bringing my combo over next.

John, Essex

Greg recently refurbished my vintage Vox AC30. He has done a very thorough job and it sounds absolutely fantastic. The repair work was done quickly and at a very reasonable price. I am glad I have finally found a repair man who not only really knows his stuff but is reliable too. To be highly recommended!

Leo, London

I considered a few of the bigger guitar shops first (inc D*****k St), but was totally unimpressed by their price, lengthy timescales and attitude.
Greg was refreshingly different. Prices were very reasonable. Timescales were quick. I liked his attitude to business – which seems to be centred around customer satisfaction to ensure repeat business and recommendations to gain new business.
He set up my Fender Tele and did a great job. So much so, that I actually brought in my very old – virtually dead Strat (that I nearly threw away). Afterwards, it sounded like a new guitar! Cost much less than I thought to fix.
Also, I was very impressed to get a personal email from Greg afterwards to check I was happy with his work.
Chances of going back = 100%.

Ged, Clapham

Greg's a top guy who's worked on 3 guitars and some pedals for me. Brilliant work (he brought one guitar back from the dead), very fast and great rates. I'll be sending some more work your way, Greg!

Nick, East London

Prompt, efficient, reasonably priced and professionally executed work. Highly recommended.

M.M., West London

First class, personal service at a very fair and reasonable price. Will certainly recommend to others.

Simon L., Bromley

Greg's a very personable and honest guy and obviously has a passion for gear! He's done a fantastic job on the wiring in my guitar (and a flawless setup) and I won't hesitate to go back to him for anything else. He responded quickly to any emails I sent and got the job done even quicker! Can't recommend highly enough - cheers Greg!

Chris G., London

Greg did a beautiful job with renovation of my old Marshall 9100, it is rock solid again!
Also my guitar got new pickups, switch, wires and full setup. Nothing to complain on. Really quick turn around and great attitude. I'm sure I will visit him next time when it comes to repair/improve something.

Michal, London

Greg did an amazing job on my amp and setting the action on my guitar, very reasonably priced and a great guy!

Omar Rehman

Great job Greg, my Strat is not just a Strat anymore. Highly recommended.

Piotr Kunicki

Great service, attitude and results! My two amps, pedals and 335 were turned around really quickly and now all sound amazing. Thanks!

Fraser T Smith

Thanks for doing a great job on my Jap Strat copy. Pickups sound really glassy & there's no noise any more from volume control & pickups. I will certainly use you again. Fantastic service at a very reasonable price.

Gary Pridmore



Greg is by far the best and most reasonably priced amp tech I have ever met, and above that he offers the best customer service I have ever come across, in any field, anywhere.
He made modifications to my Budda amp that no-one else would even attempt. He offers a fast turn-around. He made a modification to my Mesa switching (needed due to bad design on Mesa's part) that even Mesa said was not possible to do!!
I would trust him with any of my gear, will always keep him as my amp, rack, pedal and guitar tech, and can without hesitation recommend him to any musician in need.
He's also a fantastic guy and deserves the work - I wish him all the best.
Thank you Greg!


Greg did a brilliant job mending my Peavey Classic 30 amplifier. Reasonably priced and honest. Cheers.

Jack, SE London

It's unusual to find someone who applies the level of care and knowledge that Greg does to my equipment. I possess a selection of old, rare and odd amps and guitars and I would, and do, trust Greg with anything. It's always a pleasure to see him and he is extremely helpful. I have to be able to rely utterly on my gear and would recommend him without reservation to anyone who depends on their equipment being kept in tip top condition. In fact, I'm already contacting other musicians to tell them about him because he's a rare find.


Excellent service! My ailing Carvin Legacy had finally died in a cloud of smoke and sparks. Thanks to Greg, it's now as good as the day I bought it, if not better. He's THE man if you have gear issues: friendly, reliable, thorough and very reasonably priced. Highly recommended. Many thanks, Greg!
TG, Streatham

Greg sorted out the problems someone else ’fixing’ it had introduced. Now the Marshall sounds sweeter than when I first bought it new. Thanks

J, South London

High quality and prompt repair service at a very reasonable rate. Many thanks

Dave Baker (Putney Guitar Teacher)

One day I had a useless Line 6 Flextone III and a headache, the next I had an amp that was not only working but modified to ensure I can never have the same trouble again. Great job Greg!

LB, Surrey

Now the effects loop in my Mesa Rectifier is perfect, well done mate. Thx a lot, highly recommended.

Andrzej, London

The job I needed done was done to an excellent standard and in good time. I was particular pleased as I was struggling to find someone willing to do exactly what I needed. I will definitely be asking Greg to do all my future guitar/amp/pedal work. Thanks a lot!

Matty G., London

Just want to thank you for setting up my Strats. You did a grand job. Both guitars (Floyd and standard) are perfectly in tune and there's no more noise coming out of the pick ups. I will get in touch with you shortly to arrange checking up my Marshalls and maybe you will install this little ESP arming adjuster to my Heartfield...

G.X., SE London

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