My name is Greg Michalik. I am an electronic engineer (BSc), a guitarist and have been in the repair business since the early 90s.

I started to repair, modify and build my own guitar amplifiers and stomp boxes when I was at Technical College. I also played in a band as most teenagers have. Since that time I have looked inside hundreds of amplifiers, built a few on my own, fixed or modified tons of stomp boxes.

I graduated in Electronics and Sound Engineering at University.

I was never happy with the sound of new gear from a shop. I was modifying everything - pick-ups, electric guitars, pedals and amps. I hated it when my guitars were buzzing and out of tune etc. Correct intonation and action set up is a must. I love to experiment with the sound of the guitar to achieve the best result. No compromises!

All my friends like the modifications I had done so much they asked me to do the same with their gear and soon, thanks to word of mouth, it became a pretty good full time job.

Privately I am a proud parent, vinyl albums collector and recording engineer (this is my other occupation, but no spare time...).